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Personal Safety

Woman's face without cosmetic

Clear Face Shield

Safety against “Fluids” Sprays and Debris

"Clip" for face masks

Instead of "on ears"

Prevention & Safety - COVID-19



Disinfection & Hand Washing Stand
Barista showing woman how to make good quality filter coffee


Clear, Screen / “Shield”: Front, side & more - Against “Fluids” Sprays and Debris

Signs & Information

Instructions, Keep Distance and more

Floor Stickers

Floor Stickers Place, Directions and more …


We Are Ready For All Challenges


Floor, Ceiling, Pole, Wall mount, Small, Medium Big & complete units


Island, Single, Line, Branding, Illuminations etc.


Over The Counter Solutions. Dispensers, Cash Trays, Presenters, Signs and more…

Presenters & Displays

Illuminated, Packs, Images, Wall, Ceiling, Door, OTC etc.

Signs & Illuminations

Any size
Any type

Printing & Branding

Various Sales support solutions, press and digital printing Most of our products are tailor made for you needs and requests and comply with the local legislations and standards.

About us

NSLT LOGO Ltd. is specializing in the designing and manufacturing P.O.S. Solutions – Dispensers, Presenters, Displays, Signs, Printings and more. For the last 6 years NSLT LOGO is focusing and professionalizing in the retail and P.O.S. challenging markets locally and worldwide.

Few of our main markets are: Tobacco, Cosmetics, Beverages, shopping malls and Optics.
Since 2012 we have been manufacturing a wide range of products, from a simple presenter to a wide variety of Tailor-made solutions for our clients.

With over 500,000 items delivered worldwide, through a wide diversity of solutions: In Store Design, Shop design, Counters, Dispensers, Presenters & Displays, Shopping malls and more...

Our team designs and develops our products, taking into consideration: safety, agronomics and easy use, functionality for the Retailer and maximum Brand exposure for you.
We handle most of the production under one roof, from brief to delivery: Brain storming, Needs and opportunities, Concept, Design, Development, Engineering, Prototyping, Manufacturing, International Delivery and Logistics.

NSLT LOGO is highly efficient organization and we are in constant improvement. We pride with our high-quality team and Lean production methods. NSLT LOGO Ltd. P.O.S. and retail solution experts.

Main Markets and field of expertise.

NSLT LOGO in Numbers



Units at the markets




Standard occupancy


Units per month

More than


years of experience

Under one roof

From brief to delivery








Needs &




Logistics &
International Delivery

The process is managed and operated by NSLT LOGO team, without reliance on any sub-contractor and is supervised with 100% QC at all stages of the production

Safety and Standards

NSLT-LOGO Ltd. works under the strictest international standards and is ISO 9001 certified.

Our suppliers are high end row material manufacturers and also apply the highest international standards: ISO9001, 14001, 18001, RoHs, CE and others. The process is managed and operated by our qualified and experienced team.PDF Download / View

Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy includes one major component: to help minimize our impact on the environment.

As part of our Environmental Policy:

  • We have an office recycling scheme for paper and plastics and we use local recycling centers for other materials including glass, aluminum, metals and more.
  • We raise staff awareness on waste and motivate staff to reuse and recycle office stationery as much as possible, therefore reducing the amount of waste we produce. All our printing paper is recycled and all the inks are eco, low consuming products.
  • We are reducing our energy consumption by constantly encouraging staff to be aware of the energy they use and by incorporating energy management strategies in to work procedures.
  • We encourage staff to travel more sustainably by using public transport whenever possible. We also encourage our staff to 'car share' when on business trips or attending meetings, and even on a daily basis, using fully maintained, fuel efficient cars. We have indoors a charging station for electrical cars and bicycles.


Our office is eco-friendlier and incorporates various sustainable measures including:

Our office is eco-friendlier and incorporates various sustainable measures including:


Solar panels


Low energy light bulbs


LED lighting


Out of office switches

We promote energy efficiency schemes as part of our community benefits, to encourage and develop the understanding and implementation of energy saving on a wide scale.

We also encourage our employees to follow the principles of re-using and recycling products, reducing energy consumption and minimizing waste outside of the work place.


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A Few words about the owners and commitment - Nir & Amit

NSLT LOGO was establish from two small companies, two company owners, that today, are the Owners and managing directors of NSLT LOGO.

Nir Shaked

Owner of NSLT Ltd.

The legacy of his family since 2002 and before. Nir comes with more than 20 years of experience in the printing, signs and branding areas. With him came professional workers, machinery and reputation.
Nir is a talented, hardworking manager with high standards awareness and motivation.
Nir is a talented, hardworking manager with high standards awareness and motivation.

Amit Maor

Owner and founder of Maor Logo Ltd.

Maor Logo was a company in Outdoor and indoor special projects and high-end developments and solutions for the retail and P.O.S. market.
Amit brings a vast range of production management, product development, highly qualified team and technologies.
Amit is a gifted “Hands on” manager, with a technology intelligence that can manage, resolve and support any requested solution, idea or a dream...

Both, Nir and Amit grew with their companies, and they are involved and supervise the process at all stages making sure the concept, quality and schedules are not missed.

Together, management, operation & technology, along with a professional highly qualified team and managers, they lead NSLT-LOGO, with care, business sensitivity, and hard work, investing time, efforts and resources, delivering the right solutions to you.

Doron Shekel

Sales and Business Development Director at NSLT-LOGO.

Architect, Industrial designer and experienced business manager.
Doron originates from the Retail and POS material industry. With over 15 years of experience in these markets internationally, Doron is the 3rd side to the puzzle, bringing the international business side to NSLT-LOGO.

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